Thursday, June 14, 2012

Time To Give Back

Hi Ladies!! I hope every ones summer has started off with a bang!!  We are in full swing here in White Lily and soo excited about all the new lines that will be arriving for fall.  We are even more excited about what each brand represents.

We currently carry Nepal Bracelets, They are hand woven glass beads woven together in Nepal by women who are taking the funds raised to better the lives of their family and community: Pretty Cool right??? Whats even better is that the bracelets are a hott item.  They look amazing on and I wear my bracelets pretty much every single day.  We are actually going to be reordering more and hope to have them in by the next week or two.  Make sure to get your stylish bracelets for yourself and for all your girlfriends because they don't only make you like like a stylish hott chica but they make you feel good and whats better then doing something for someone else??? Nada!~

Next in Line is our FEED bags..which are set to arrive any day!! ahhhh I can't wait... and believe me you want one of these bags..  All different styles and right on trend again..and No i'm not blowing air up you know where....  Have you heard of a little store named: Bloomingdales??? ahh yes, the only hottest and stylish stuff is stacked in that style house.. well they carry Feed Bags, as well as Anthropology and many other well known department stores.  Well these arm candies are going to support children all over the world by providing food, school supplies, water, medicine, and whatever else these children need.. You can learn more at  Pretty cool non-profit!!  Get involved :)  I'll update when bags arrive...

That's right...Rachel Bilson spotted with her FEED bag..and I may just have to throw in some cool discounts on future purchases if you buy a FEED bag and bring it in to bag all your other goodies from here on out!!

So Ladies..those are a couple and I can't wait to be getting more in...  I will keep you up to date and let me know if you find some awesome products that give back!!!
I hope everyone has a Blessed Day!!  Thanks so much for your support, lots of Love, Staci