Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bargain Hour: Babydoll dress & Kimono

Hi Ladies!!
We are super excited to do our first BARGAIN HOUR tonight from 7-8 p.m.  We hope this is a huge success and will post all different styles and outfits every Wednesday from 7-8 and they will be deeply discounted for a one hour special. You can purchase part or all of the outfit on our website @ This is a preview of the fab lil outfit and the links will be attached to the facebook page White Lily Boutique F/b Link this evening at 7. You will have 1 hour to purchase this outfit so get your size before its sold! Share this fun event with all your friends and family, even if this outfit isn't your style tag someone you think would love it, as if it is a success we will continue and have all different styles to meet everyones personal style. Feel free to mix and match pieces to make it your own. Thanks for checking it out and make sure to get back at 7 to see the deals!! Todays BARGAIN HOUR includes our MINKPINK Babydoll Dress, Somedays Lovin Kimono, Studded Sandals, Melie Bianco Handbag, Niki Cami, and Jewelry!!

Try styling your Babydoll with Heels, Denim, Leather, Leggings, or Booties... Give it your Personal Touch!
 A great fringed Kimono to Layer over any outfit with soft peach and a very black and white subtle print to mix and match with other prints and colors. Perfect to fall into fall with!

Check out this Fabulous Vegan Black Leather with Golden Stud and Lock accent to open and keep bag shut. Come with Extra Strap for additional length or use as a Handbag. Gorgeous and great room on the inside! Cute polka dot print..
 These are my favorite easy to wear, go with everything lil nude sandal. The stud accents are minimal and muted enough to wear with silver or gold tones.
 New Gigis' Gems Charm necklaces also available with tassles & paired with our Pair Design Wing Charm Beaded Necklace.

Love Any or All of these pieces?? Make sure to checkout from 7-8 Tonight to get these at some killer prices. Our Bargain Hours first Outfit! Share and checkback to place your order and get your size before they are gone. I'm wearing a Small in the Minkpink Babydoll Dress and kimono is O/S fits all. I also have a Lace Nikibiki Cami under to pull out the soft pink tones and blend with the kimono. All of these items will be on Special Sale for One Hour Only! Tag your friends and Help us make this a weekly Bargain Hour!!! Thanks so much for your support.  Links to items on the website will be attached this evening!!

Monday, July 14, 2014


Hey Gorgeous Gals,

 I am reaching out to all you ladies because I am wanting to try something new, I love trying new things and seeing which work and what engages people more and try to just figure out fun ways to make White Lily a lil more engaging and interesting as well as include all my customers from all over who miss out on ALL our sales because of the distance. So New IDEA- Starting this Wednesday I am going to have a BARGAIN HOUR!!!  It will be at 7 p.m. on Wednesday Night..I'm going to try this a couple weeks and see how it works out, if people are interested and if its worth the time. 
THIS IS HOW IT WORKS!! I am going to put together an Awesome OUTFIT!! Whatever I chose from the store with some accessories and you will have 1 hour to claim a piece of it or the whole shebang!!  It will be offered at a HUGE discounted price for that 1 will all be done on WhiteLilyFashion.Com and you can purchase it using your cc or paypal account. I will advertise it on Facebook as well, but to get the item you have to purchase it from the website{WHITELILYFASHION.COM}-which i will have a link attached to Facebook as well.  This way I don't have to worry about getting your cc info-its all safe and protected- and we make sure you get the right size or item!!You can once purchased decide if you want a store pickup or it shipped to your house.  I will also put up a blog post about it right before featuring the item so you can see what it is, how it fits, how it lays, and if this is up your alley or not. I really hope everyone participates and it kicks off with huge a HUGE success.  I will try and do this once a week 4xMonth which equals cool outfits at slasher prices!!
I will be on facebook for that one hour to answer questions about the fit, color, etc so you know what you are in for!! So spread the news to ensure we keep this bad boy running and set a reminder for WEDNESDAY AT 7 PM
Tag and Share with Friends/Family/Etc... if the OOTD isn't your thing, but you know someone who would love it.  We will have different Outfits each week so just because one week it may not be your thing, check back the next week cause it may fit your style perfectly!!

Thanks so much for Supporting White Lily I greatly appreciate all the love you give and without ya'll gorgeous gals I wouldn't still be here!!! Thanks DOLLS!!! xxxx