Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Style of Black Skinny

Hiya Ladies....
So I decided to throw on a few different ideas of mine from my wardrobe..and of course some stuff in the store and show you ladies a few different styles with the same black skinny...  As there are millions of different ways to sport black denim here are just a few of mine!

Here is my slightly dressy going out with animal print...or business attire!

Then it goes into my fun day out warm and cozy

Into my edgy chic side...

To my country girl at heart..

To my casual urban oxford style!

And lastly my stay warm and cozy ugg style!

Obviously these are just a couple styles I threw together really fast and there are like mentioned tons more ways to sport them..but I love all the colored denim..much more versatile then one would think!! And of course just roll them slightly and sport them in the spring!! xx

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Ladies...
Today we will have many little goblins running around the mall trick or treating...  love seeing the kids in costume!  So today I decided to finally get myself together and show off our new skinny black denim..  They are awesome... I love the fit and comfort!!

Denim: FMI, White Lily $48
Top: White Lily
Scarf: closet

So I totally love this big chunky emerald sweater..and I have worn it a lot as lots of you ladies know...  Looks great with everything and is a perfect cozy leggings and ugg day combo.  
Anyways-check out the next blog as I am putting together..*from my wardrobe* a fun couple ideas for sporting the black skinnys.
Ta til tomorrow ladies... Have a Happy and Safe Halloween.x

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Best

Hola Ladies...
What a Beautiful Gorgeous October Morning...  loving it.  So back to my basic neutrals...again... But I couldn't help it because we got this AMAZING cardigan in and it is fabulous!!!  It is going fast so I had to snag one.. Super cozy for winter but still great for the little bit warmer days like today!!

And Charlie snuck in..

Denim: FMI, White Lily $48
Black l/s Tee: White Lily $28
Shoes: Seychelles: White Lily $108
Cardigan: White Lily $59
Jewelry: White Lily $10-14

Charlie decided to pose for the photo today too..he kept creeping in all the photos...  luv that pup.  So- I decided to do my neutrals again but I didn't throw on my leggings like I really wanted to do..instead I added a hint of color to the outfit with my teal skinnies... Just as comfy as leggings however so it all worked perfectly!  I love how this little black l/s tee is so casual but looks great with denim and you can always add to it..  Okay I promise I will get better at these postings...   ta til tomorrow. xx

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Blues...

Hiya Ladies...
I have noticed I have been wearing wayy to much black and neutral tones..therefore I am sporting on new colored skinnies in the store...  We also have them available in a gorgeous wine color and soft matte pink.  Colors to come: Charcoal/grey, black, and ???   Great fit for super price. You can get this whole outfit minus purse and shoes for less then $100... and they will be great staples for Winter as these teal denim look awesome even with the neons...

Denim: Flying Monkey, $48 in stock, White Lily Boutique
Blouse: D.Z, White Lily, $29
Boots: Soft, Dillards
Purse: White Lily
Jewelry: Nepal Bracelets, Feed Bracelet, White Lily $12

I loved the soft pink mix with the teal denim!!  These denim have a great fit to them...  super comfy but not too tight.  I have been wearing tons of skinnies lately and these you can't beat for the price.  Super excited to get the new colors in.  Also we have the sheer blouse in black which would look awesome with our other colored skinnies!!  Ta til tomorrow..x

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hi Ladies!!!  
Here is a sneak peek at our 
Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Show......

A HUGE Thank you to all the Drop Dead Gorgeous Models..xx
And all our wonderful beautiful customers!!!

Sorry the Photos are kind of poor was bad and of course my sweet husband (I thank so much for snapping them) hard a hard time getting our camera to snap fast enough!  However the ladies looked stunning!! Thanks again girls..xx