Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FREE CLOTHING??? What did I hear that Correctly???

When it comes to wearing something outrageous, it’s not a

 question of “Why?” but “Why Not? -C. Gallardo

Yes i did say free...

You know All Those AMAZING posts on Pinterest with all those women in their gorgeous attire..you think...man I just need a place to wear that outfit because I LOVE IT!!! so you pin it to your board and dream of some magical wardrobe...  Well Ladies...  Each Day is just another page in your fashion story so Light It UP!!!  I once had a teacher in high school tell me during my pre-law class that "You should always dress as if you have some better place to go later."  Well I took this to heart and now I LOVE DRESSING UP.  I eventually just said I don't care what people think...YES i will be the only girl running around Hutchinson Mall in a pair of High Heels and I LOVE IT!  I feel sooo much prettier when i have a fabulous outfit on...I know it sounds pathetic and a bit materialistic...so you  can judge me as you wish..as long as i get to dress as i wish!  So I DARE YOU LADIES...to STYLE ON!!!

Need somewhere to wear it??? Well-dress up for a fun dinner in some outfit you see on pinterest that you can put together in your wardrobe and then UPLOAD AND PASTE as White Lily Boutique wants to see it!!  Feel Fabulous, Look Fabulous and Have a chance at winning a Gift Certificate to White Lily Boutique.

Get All your girlfriends together for a fun night out and light up the town with all the fun neons in style this season and dress as you wish!  Besides you are already AWESOME enough...

Check out White Lily Boutique facebook Page for the official rules on how to win a gift certificate!!

Check the blog soon Lovely Ladies as I will be posting all Falls Latest Trends and some Fun Events we have in Store for August and of Course Our Main Event a littler LATER!!! Stay TUNED and stay FABULOUS!!!xx