Friday, August 31, 2012

Sunny Day Out

Happy Friday Ladies!!!  I hope everyone had a great week and is gearing up for a great Labor Day Weekend!!  Don't forget to catch some of those great sales!!!!

Tank/Blouse:  Urbanoutfitters Spring '11
Jacket:  Hollister (old?)
Shorts: Sugarlips/ White Lily Boutique, Summer '12
Bracelets: White Lily Boutique $10-$12, Summer'12
Messenger Bag: Tory Burch Spring/Summer '12
Sunglasses: RayBan Sprint '12

See you tomorrow. xx

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Malibu Chic!

Hi Ladies....
I have decided to try something new, New Day~New Outfit.. I will pool an outfit together from my wardrobe at home and do a few shots and let you know where i got each item and the price.  No photoshop ladies..what you see is what you get..wrinkles, cellulite and all :)  I love putting together outfits so this should be really fun for me and just because i own White Lily Boutique doesn't mean that I don't love to shop and get good deals elsewhere so I will keep everyone updated if you see something I've got on if its on sale.  If you don't like one of my outfits, no worries check back tomorrow because they are going to be completely different everyday! 

 I always hear ladies say there is no place to dress up in town otherwise they would love to wear something fun...  You can always take one item you love and style it many ways..up or down..but I was once told in High School by my law studies teacher, "no matter what always dress as if you are going somewhere more important."  I have literally applied that to my life. Not only do I love throwing together a fun outfit but it makes me feel good . Ladies, don't worry about being the most stylish lady at the party or work... Impress yourself..

~Malibu Chic~

Berry Tank: $29, White Lily Boutique (sale now-$18)also in black.
Shorts: Reverse Summer '12
Cardigan: American Eagle '10 (closet)
Shoes: Seychelles Spring '10
Messenger Bag: Tory Burch Summer '12
Bracelets: Hand Woven in Nepal $10 White Lily Boutique
Bracelet: Wood Bead~FEED united nation $18 White Lily Boutique
Bracelet: Beaded Elastic Cross Bracelet $10, White Lily Boutique
Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

Ta Ta until tomorrow, God Bless and Have an amazing Day xx

Friday, August 17, 2012

FALLS Fashion Trends.. Dos and Don'ts

Happy Friday Ladies...  So I am off to Market to pick out trends for Spring/Summer 2013...and of course any last minute grabs I can still get for this Winter.  So I am off  to no other then Las Vegas to find us some new and upcoming designers and hopefully some awesome lines to fill the store with.  Since I will be gone for a week I have decided to do this blog about all this seasons fall trends do's and don'ts since we are starting to pack the store with long sleeved goodies...
Still on trend is Animal print...and of course colored denim....  BERRY will be a huge color for fall and winter... and a fun trend to pop onto is leggings/hose underneath shorts!! I love this fun and funky careful to not pair it with any peep toes..please ...
Another trend that I actually remember sporting back in 2000 was Corduroy...  And we have some coming in this fall...  Very fun ...definitely comfy..but back in style and will be a great alternative to the same old basic skinny denim...which will NEVER go out of invest in a good pair..

Another great trend...LEATHER..i love leather..and will wear it whether it is in or out... however accessorizing and pairing leather together is gonna be another fabulous fall trend that i will be all over...  we already have a fabulous little leather riding jacket in stock..but we will be getting some leather pants/leggings in...some tops that will have a little leather detail and of course you can't go wrong with some leather boots... The one part of leather that I am not keen on and definitely is NOT flattering unless you are a super model..and I still beg to stay away is the leather/ faux leather dresses.  *pictured*..

I really don't see how this made it into this seasons it list..But unless you try it on and have it nipped and tucked in all the right just isn't i would say pass on the full on leather look and just accentuate what you already have with a little leather here or there...where it actually highlights your better a jacket, leggings, boots, purse..and so on...

Just a touch of leather is effective enough....even going a little edgy and throwing on some berry leather.... or a fun way is a sweater and some leather bottoms...or as in the last photo a jacket/top that has just a little leather detail to catch an eye... LOVE it....

Another hott item is the peplum look...Never heard of Peplum until now....well here is a sneak peak...Take a guess at what peplum is....

You got it???... Yes ... Peplum is a word describing clothing which dates back to the 19th century, basically is a short over skirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket.  So that flowy piece your keep eyeing that pops out on the tops, dresses, jackets...that is the "Peplum" detail.

Looks fabulous right????  Yes it can be very flattering under the right circumstances...however there are many no no's when it comes to sporting the peplum trend.  Please stay away from Peplum tops that 1. are horizontal..(stripes)  You already have enough going on with the peplum pop that you don't need to add any extra eye sores to the mix...  Peplum is a specific look that I think should be worn in solids only...  color blocking, lace, little this or that can be very attractive for this look..but doing bold accents aren't the safest bet for the most flattering look.  Also another no no for the Peplum look is pairing a peplum top with baggy bottoms..  If you are going to have a top that adds volume to you..Everything else must be fitted to pull this off unless you are rail thin... even then I wouldn't recommend this as a must try..    If you want to invest in some fall trends and you are dying to throw a peplum look into the mix I would honestly suggest a peplum dress with little volume..  It will be wearable for more seasons and a little black dress would be the way to go..  Otherwise you will only get one good season out of it and it'll be done for...  Peplum is much more flattering on the American woman in a dress then a top...Just my opinion.

Dress you have the right body type..sure...otherwise: Pass on this trend.

On to a more attractive look for Fall/Winter Trends..  The Collar...faux or actually is a very fun accessory to an already great top....  but it can be done ALL wrong in so many ways... of course ladies..please only take this as my opinion and if you love it...wear it... these are only mere suggestions of my personal style...and I do love that we all have different taste...that IS what makes fashion, art, style so Beautiful.  Therefore on to my do's and don'ts of the Collar.  I love accentuating a collar with some fun studs/sequins anything that has a little glitz and glamour with out overdoing it..
However it can be done very wrong by itself...
At least I believe soo...I'm not to keen on the faux collar all on its own...this little beauty can definitely pull it off but I wouldn't say its an attractive look one should try to jump on...

Also..I wouldn't suggest any over studding or big clunky faux metal ...I just can't seem to get on board with this being very flattering....

However the Collar is very cute and stylish when done correct...I think you can pull it off by 1. Throwing a button down collared blouse underneath a sweater and throwing a couple fun studs on the collar... (DIY).. or 2. Do a blouse that looks like it has a collar without actually having one..Please no non attached collars...or a Collared dress.  I actually LOVE collars..but just needs to be done more elegantly... Doesn't even necessarily need any bling...Just a simple, chic collared top will be much more price effective as it won't go out of style... I can not see this trend holding on for too many seasons.
Check out Collared Kate...Looking chic and sophisticated as always..Classic Beauty..  And the Faux Collar (attached) Both done right!!

Next on the List...MY FAVORITE!!!!  Baggy Over sized Comfy STATEMENT SWEATERS...
                                               Ohhhh i can see this in my closet for sure!!!

I don't even need to explain the do's and don'ts of this... you can't go too wrong with an over sized sweater... My only no-no i can foresee is don't do baggy and baggy....  If you are going to pair a baggy sweater with bottoms I suggest something skinny...leggings, skinny denim, or if you aren't one for least something fitted through the thighs and a little flair at the doesn't want to walk out looking like a bag of clothe...  Need a tuck somewhere...

 I love this off shoulder sweater..little layering and a little leather.... LOVE

I also love the big chunky open knit sweaters...Very big this season as well!!!  Great for throwing on over everything and the statement sweaters don't have to be HUGE and long and over baggy where they do accentuate any of your goodness....  even a simple knit sweater is going to be fabulous and definitely a staple piece for your fall/winter wardrobe...

Alright Ladies..only 3 more left..... I'm gonna do a double whammy on 2 of these little beauts...just because they don't do too much harm in my eyes...  LACE AND SHEER..
I love these two..
LACE:  Seriously is just an amazing invention of style..  Dresses, tops, scarfs...soo beautiful and elegant.  Lace goes from casual too dressy by changing into a pair of heels... yet always looks chic..
And I feel the same way about sheer...these two can be paired together for an amazing elegant look!
This over sized fun lace look sheer sweater dress is a little piece of heaven...awww...  
Back to reality... All lace and sheer can be done right by just pairing them with the correct undergarments or layering basics....Okay Ladies..not to cut Lace and Sheer short...but its been in for a while so I think we all have it down by now...
Moving on to the last trend I'm throwing out... DENIM...
Its been around and I'm sure you have tons of denim in your closet..however its fun to start throwing a little more style into the basic blue...

Its pretty easy to get denim right....  Denim top... denim bottoms...denim over a tee, denim over a dress...denim jacket...Ohh the many ways to sport the tried and true BLUE...
Okay Ladies now that I have given you some ideas of what to expect to see can decide what trends you want to try or pass...I'm sure you already have some fun outfits you can throw together in your wardrobe to turn from a boring old top into a fun on trend hott piece...  Look for all these fun current styles at White Lily and make sure to catch the upcoming Fall/Winter fashion show for some fun ways to sport all the current trends!!!  Until next time..Adios Ladies and Fun Styling x