Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Let me BRIGHTEN your day a little bit...

Happy Tuesday Stylish Ladies,
I'm so excited to share with all of you my #modelmonday this week.  I've got 3 generations of beauty. There humble, generous spirits shine just about as bright as their gorgeous beauty. They so graciously modelled for me, and not only 1 of these lovely ladies..but all 3 willingly blessed me with the opportunity to snap some photos of them.  Not only did they give up some of their time for me, but they willingly let me style them up in anything. Lord, Bless Esther because she cracks me up, her HUGE smile and a direct be-lined target for the brightest dress we have in stock-SHE Rocked IT. Remember age is just a number, wear whatever you want and completely own it. So without further ado-here is the Gorgeous Esther styling up our Limelight Shift dress.

 We love the White Sheer overlay for a subtle pop and layer for summer. The necklace ties in the whole outfit with gold accents and white rock layers.

 Esther Rocks these killer Tortoise Toms Sunnies.. They fit her face and shape perfectly.
 Ladies...if you don't own any of toms platforms, wedges, or heels-its time you invest. These are crazy cute and super comfy. Not too high- with lasting comfort and style.
Thanks Esther for being one of our fabulous Models on #modelmonday We love how you rocked your Limelight shift.
Snag up all our goodies below:

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Stay tuned Tomorrow for how the 2nd generation-Lisa's outfit details!!!
Have A Blessed Day ..xxx

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